How to invest in Bonds

In banks and financial institutions there are many options to invest; each with particular characteristics. To choose the most appropriate, we must know several basic aspects:

  • Your performance
  • Risk level
  • Contracted term
  • Availability of funds

The main investment instruments are:

  1. Deposit certificates. Low risk, return and fixed or adjustable term. It is designed for people looking for attractive returns based on the term and amount invested.
  2. Bank note. Low risk, return and fixed term. It is a term investment that pays guaranteed returns at a fixed interest rate and at the end of the contracted term. It is designed for people looking for good returns with a minimal investment.
  3. Debt investment funds. Low-medium risk, return and variable term. Companies that bring together a group of savers who invest their money together; they have better opportunities than if they did it individually. It is recommended that they be used as a long-term option.
  4. Equity investment funds. Medium-high risk, yield and variable term. They operate in a similar way to debt mutual funds, with the difference that they jointly invest the money of savers in the stock market. Equity funds offer greater opportunities for returns, but should be considered a long-term investment.
  5. Debt securities or bonds. They represent funds destined for public infrastructure works or specific projects that are guaranteed by governments or the public administration and that, generally, are covered in terms of more than five years, reaching longer periods (from ten to thirty years) in the case of countries. issuers.


  1. The money that you want to invest must seek the returns that correspond to the risk.
  2. In the case of liquidity surpluses, it will be necessary to analyze which part can be risked and how much it is desired to obtain as safe growth.
  3. Making this criterion cyclical is very healthy, financially speaking.
  4. The decision of what type of Bonds to acquire can be made easier by using the services of a financial advisor, since this article only intends to introduce our readers to the subject.
  5. Very important !: always ask at the time of hiring, the ease or difficulty in the availability of funds and the cost that anticipating would mean, if possible, as well as their withdrawal.

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