Is Kidney Transplantation During Pregnancy Safe?

We all are well aware of the fact how a woman undergoes numerous bodily changes throughout her lifetime. The constant behavioral changes and biological developments in the body are a result of various hormonal interactions. Pregnancy is a gift of the almighty to a woman. It is only a woman who can rightfully give birth to another life. Therefore, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. However, this is also the phase when one has to remain extremely cautious about each body-related issue, like kidney problems. There could be many complications one might face in such a case. Therefore, kidney transplant in India is a common procedure that some women carry out during pregnancy. 

The hormones in a female human body do a lot of functioning. Therefore, during pregnancy, if a person is undergoing kidney transplantation, then there can be a lot of consequences, both good as well as bad. However, various studies show that the reproductive abilities of a woman become better and improve a lot after the kidney transplant takes place. This is a positive outcome. The other outcome which is somehow complicated is that, during pregnancy, carrying out any other medical procedure in the body of a woman could be risky and should be performed way too meticulously. 

Is it possible for a woman to have a child after a kidney transplant?

The first myth that has to be broken is the fact that people often think that a woman will be infertile if she undergoes a kidney transplantation procedure. This is incorrect and various studies have shown that, soon after this surgery, the fertility of a woman increases, hence giving way to a regular menstruation cycle. Therefore, there is a fair chance for the woman to get pregnant. There are many kidney transplant treatments available that can cure a person, from the roots of the disease. Let’s look at some of the expert advice that a woman seeking pregnancy should follow soon after a kidney transplant. The list of the same is mentioned below: 

  • Try for a child only after a year of getting the transplant done. It is recommended to give your body some time to recover from the transplant first. 
  • Make sure there is enough time gap between the surgery and the conceiving period as that will help in keeping a mother’s body ready for the process. Any medications that are being used in the process should be stopped much before the child enters the womb of a mother. 
  • In case of any doubt, it is better to seek expert medical help who will be able to guide everybody better in this regard. 
  • The medications that are being used after a transplant are of very high dosage that could affect an unborn child’s health, thereby making it complicated for the child after birth. Therefore, doctors can guide a person better and change the medications to lighter dosages. 
  • The mutual agreement between your doctor and yourself should lead to a pregnancy situation. The crux of the story is, seeking medical help is extremely important in these situations. 

Renal transplant cost in India is approximately around Rs. 5-6 lakhs. This is followed by monthly checkups, which are mandatory to get done costing around Rs. 15,000. The medicines are given for lifelong usage and could cost up to Rs. 10,000. 

Pregnancy in Women in the End-Stage Renal Disease

Women who are in the extreme stage of kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis are susceptible to not getting pregnant at all. Due to the process of dialysis, there is some amount of risk attached to the health of the unborn child and also the mother. In this case, the unborn child could face adversities like low birth weight, premature birth, etc. It is crucial to have more experiments and studies in the field of medical sciences that would give clarity about kidney transplants in women who are in the age of becoming pregnant. 

Therefore, for those couples who are seeking pregnancy, and if the woman is undergoing a kidney transplant, then they can use various birth control methods to stop the pregnancy until the complete recovery of the woman takes place. If you are looking for medical guidance, then contact HBG Medical Assistance, who will assist you with the best recommendations and doctors in the town. 

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