The way of advertising your business at a low cost

If you are a small business owner trying to compete in the big market race. And you want to do effective online advertising at a low cost. Then this article is for you.

Start building a Blog

To effectively market online, you need to build a Blog for your website. According to WordPress, there are over 400 million readers and over 23 billion blog posters on the platform. WordPress is also the most popular website platform in the World. The blog is also considered the most trusted content platform (according to research by FitSmall).

As you can see, with a huge amount of content as above. Then your blog needs to be “quality” and “useful” to attract readers’ attention. Hiring a team of copywriters to spam keywords in faded 1000-word articles is no longer useful.

A quality post takes about 1-3 hours (for professional bloggers). Current SEO “flattering” blog posts are usually long-content (2000 words or more content). Long and quality articles will keep readers interested. Accordingly, the time on site of users also increases. Time-on-site increases, which means your website is rated higher by Google. You can also place ads, launch discount codes, coupons on your blog to attract customers.

Create or join discussion groups on Facebook

Marketers often underestimate Facebook discussion groups.

Facebook groups allow users to join together to share ideas, exchange and discuss a common issue. If you are a participant. Please be aware of the rules of exchange in the group to avoid having posts deleted by admins.

Tips for marketing in Facebook groups. Is sharing valuable content, readers want to save or share on their wall. (This is also why blogging gives you so many benefits.)

Groups on Facebook usually have a member count ranging from 1000 (low) to 100,000 (high). Even the number of members is up to millions (very high). The higher the number of members, the more opportunities come with challenges.

Once you have experience join groups. You can create your group. Create your group to help you do more effective marketing. You can exploit members’ information, and you can deploy effective online marketing activities for your brand.

Comment under related posts

When you post content and have comments. You should take the time to respond to comments with useful information. You can also go to the link in the comment section on related pages. This results in better SEO, and longer on-site user time on the site.

The more discussions the articles generate, the more people participate, the easier it is to get noticed by Google. In addition, more people will know and remember your brand.

Create a booth on e-commerce sites

If you are dealing in retail products. Create your eCommerce store. Some popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, … all have open policies for businesses. The more stores you open, the more opportunities you have to reach customers and increase online sales. You should open many promotions, give discount codes, coupons on these sales platforms to attract more customers.

Some Web sites also allow you to Livestream sales directly (like Facebook). You can take advantage of Livestream sales to take advantage of customers from these sites.

Run ads according to the customer funnel

More than 50% of your competitors are just running simple ads. That means just pumping money and going to the top. However, in the long run, this makes the budget drain quickly. If you do not invest in building a reasonable advertising channel, the money will be burned very quickly, the customers will not return.

Applying the purchase funnel, CTR will increase by 30%. The conversion rate is much higher and increases the chances of successful closing when you consult over the phone.

The purchase funnel is a customer-centric marketing model. The purchase funnel describes the customer’s purchase journey to the point of purchasing a product or item. Importantly, more than 50% of your competitors haven’t applied, or don’t know how to apply funnel advertising properly. You apply funnel advertising. Advertising costs are also reduced because ads only focus on audiences with high close rates, avoiding spreading.

Automate as much as possible

Automation is inevitable in the future. A machine that can do every task that a human can do. With faster speed, more accuracy, and cheaper. Businesses are gradually moving to automation in every field. Marketing is no exception to this cycle.

There are many marketing automation tools available (free or paid) for you to use. Some popular marketing tools include:

  • Mailchimp / Getrespond: automatically send emails
  • Chatbots like Tawkto, Alongay: automatically respond and collect customer information
  • Hotjar: analyze user behavior
  • HootSuite: automatically schedule posting on multiple social networking sites

You keep track of repetitive activities. Causing you to consume too many human resources. Consider automating those tasks. You can also apply online marketing tools to automate your marketing campaigns.

Aim at foreign markets

Many young domestic enterprises have boldly headed to foreign markets first. For example, a business dealing in traditional products. It is difficult to compete domestically on price. They choose to target foreign customers for development. “The old one is the new one”. Traditional products through the hands of marketing have helped them achieve desirable sales.

Create your own Youtube channel

Video marketing was once the most effective online marketing trend in 2017. Nearly 75% of all internet traffic comes from video.

And Youtube is the “video tycoon” of the world. Youtube is the 2nd largest search platform after Google. Opening a Youtube channel helps you reach more potential customers. You can also open up a new revenue stream from YouTube views.

When attaching videos on your website. The conversion rate increased by at least 60%. Hosting video on a server can cripple web speed. Therefore, you can store it on Youtube and attach the link to the website to reduce the load.

However, YouTube is still just one of many social media channels you need to push. If you want effective marketing.

Pay attention to responding to reviews on Google maps

Referring to reviews from other people has gradually become a habit of any shopper.

When searching for your business on Google maps. You will immediately see comments and reviews from users. Users will also see these comments and decide whether to contact you or not. Users buy goods online, mainly based on trust. So give them confidence.

Build trust by actively responding to guest reviews on Google maps. Or any of your social media/blog reviews.

When replying to a customer, the customer will see that you have good service. In addition, people searching about you will also feel confident when your customers are always heard and responded quickly. Note, with the negative feedback. You should not respond too quickly. Instead, you should be polite and contact privately to discuss first (if possible).


When planning the overall online advertising. You can apply the ways to apply effective online advertising for free (or low cost) above. You can drive massive online sales growth. These methods are not too complicated. But to achieve satisfactory results. You need to test many times. Because each way will bring different effects with different products/services.

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