Unique gifts for teen artists

Unique gifts for teen artists. Buying gifts for teenage artists is a super dumb drug. But, chances are, they haven’t already accumulated a ton of great art supplies, so it can help pave the way for a lifelong love of art supplies. There are 2 ways to go about shopping for teen art gifts – the first is that you can get started right away with the highest quality art supplies, so they never have to know the terrible pain of using substandard materials – or it could alleviate them. They are relying on art supplies with a mix of primary and professional collections. I will take the second route here and offer a handful of good-quality art gifts like cool drawings.

Gifts for Teen Artists

If you have a hard time thinking of what kinds of arts activities and arts categories to choose for your child, the following section should help you.


This first gift idea is a kit with everything you need to make the quilt. It is for teenagers who like to sew or who want to learn to sew. It’s perfect for beginners, but I think they will need to have someone who knows a little sewing if they are beginners. Teens who love their markers will love this accordion organizer. Spread it out or fold it into a cube, and you can easily access your gauges.

Write in the journal

This online lesson is a great way to combine journaling and art-making, and what teen doesn’t need a bit of creative inner exploration?

He drew

I firmly believe that every artist should have as many drawing instructions as she can accumulate, and the more teachers there are, the better. This online lesson is perfect for teens who like to draw or want to improve. If they can learn and practice many different drawing skills, they can apply this knowledge to any creative endeavor. Make a professional hardcover book out of your artwork. You can do a retrospective of when they were very young or include their most recent work. It is a GREAT idea if I say so myself.

Art kits

It is the teen version of those kids’ art kits that include all kinds of art supplies. This more sophisticated version is a mix of several types of Prism color colored pencils.


Despite the high-quality cameras that most teens have on their phones, they sure love their retro instant cameras.


It’s an entertaining book to write by hand, and don’t forget the pens! We love this set from Faber Castell.

Graphic design

Am I wrong to say that any teenage artist would go crazy for a Wacom tablet? Of course, but, on the other hand, I love how much they have come down in price, all while they have gone up in quality.

Gelli print

I can’t stop recommending Gelli dishes to everyone I know, and teenagers are no exception. These little things are so addicting and fun and easy to do by quickly making individual prints. Don’t forget paints, paper, and a brayer. Find out what you need for the Gelli press here.


Yes, to a Koi watercolor set with this excellent brush! This painting is non-stop fun in a cute little box. Show your teenager all these watercolor techniques for inspiration.

3d print

It’s fun to see how 3D printing kits evolve. It is totally out of my wheelhouse, but I would choose this for my son. (We bought a different one for my stepson 2 years ago, which is already out of date. But he LOVES IT!)

Comic drawing

It is a no-brainer for teens who are approaching comic drawing. Get the paper and markers to color them.


We bought this game for my daughter when she was 14 years old, and she had a great time preparing it. Perfect for creative teens. See also: unique gifts for artists and fun and creative artistic gifts for kids.

Frequently asked questions about the best gifts for teen artists

gifts for teen artists

What is the best gift for an artist? Artists love to be creative. If you want to give an artist a special gift, be sure to create something unusual from scratch. The facility should have clear, easy-to-use instructions, so think about its art and age first. The ideas in the previous article are great for kids and teens.

What to get for a teen who has everything?

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best thing to remember when giving gifts. For example, games, puzzles, and art supplies make brilliant inviting facilities that allow other children and adults to join in the fun.

What to give a child who loves art?

Drawing supplies, art kits, and creative sets make great gifts for kids who love art. See what they have in their kits now and try something new that incorporates a different art method to expand their learning.

What to give to drawing lovers?

Drawing is very therapeutic, and people who like to draw rarely see themselves without a sketch pad and pencils in their bags. Compact travel sets are perfect for people who love to draw as they give them the ability to get their art out. Here are other tips for you:

  • Scribble book
  • Sketchpad
  • Drawing lessons
  • markers
  • Pencils
  • Trace pad and paper

How can I help my child with her artwork?

Ensuring you have craft supplies is the first step in encouraging and helping your child develop her craft. It will inspire them to think about how to use their stores, and if they have ideas and want to learn how to do something specific, they have the facilities at home to do it. Sending kids to class is also a brilliant way to cheer them up. Finally, always have a positive response to your artwork and avoid criticizing it. 

Displaying your creations is a beautiful way to cheer them up too. Think of new and exciting places to create art. It could mean taking state-of-the-art equipment with you on road trips or to the beach. Keeping items new and interesting is the key.

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