What are the top trends of Instagram in 2021

Instagram has changed a lot since its inception about 8 years ago, with millions of new users and new content every day. New features, algorithm changes, and updates are normal for the world’s most popular social platform.

Some changes may be more popular than others, but it seems the Instagram team is doing the right job. So will the new upcoming trends in 2021 make a positive contribution to the future of Instagram?

We decided to compile a list of some of the major trends that will change the way you use your favorite photo sharing app over the next few months.

Vertical videos

Vertical video has become an important part of Instagram and one of the reasons why users watch videos in vertical mode on Instagram Live. Online users have got used to the vertical option and 52.2% of people do all of their browsing on their smartphone.

You don’t need any special skills to use the new Instagram feature, just flip your phone to vertical mode and you’re good to go. This is an extremely useful upgrade given the new IGTV, one of the big Instagram hits of 2021. The same goes for big brands and companies that are using vertical video content for their own benefit.

AR filter

One of the top trends on Instagram today is the rise of augmented and virtual reality and what they could mean for the future of social media.

To use them, all you have to do is click the little camera icon in the top left of your screen and then click the face icon to choose your filter.

In 2019 we will definitely see new brands, influencers and creators creating their own custom filters through the Facebook AR studio.

New story ads

Instagram Stories have long been the epitome of every Insta user and they are the first updates you notice as soon as you open the app.

Insta Stories offered companies and influencers a great opportunity to connect with the hearts and minds of their target audience. This time around, Instagram Stories will feature new advertising options that will give businesses a new way to promote their products and services.

Make sure you put as much time and effort into your ads as possible so that your Instagram Stories ads get converted. Otherwise, you could end up spending way too much money on these types of Instagram advertising. Don’t forget to refine your targeting options as Instagram, just like Facebook, has many excellent targeting options for business customers.

Instagram shopping

Instagram is already the top social media platform that maps customer behavior. These days, more users will be inspired to shop on Instagram and we will see an increasing number of sales on your favorite social channel.

This is how shoppable posts work: When a customer clicks on the symbol, he or she finds details about the product, clicks on “Shop now” and goes straight to the product page on your website.

When using shoppable posts, remember not to saturate your Instagram account with it and keep your content creative and interesting. Moreover, Instagram shopping become more credible if your partner is BestFollowers.Uk. You can get the most outstanding repute all over the world by using this premier site.

Engage users in many ways

Any business related person on Instagram will tell you that knowing how to connect with your followers is important. Increasing user engagement on Instagram has gotten a lot easier in the last year or so thanks to a number of improved features for 2019:

The Instagram Emoji Slider is a new feature that allows you to measure your customers’ feelings about a subject with different faces to choose from. It’s an easy way to collect stats on your followers and get instant feedback on things you post on a daily basis.

If you’re constantly bombarded with questions from the audience, we recommend trying Instagram Stories sessions. It’s a fun and interactive method that your followers will appreciate.

The re-sharing feature allows users to share a post on their Instagram Stories that shows the username of the original poster. Hence, it’s easier to promote your content and get more engagement. Engagement sometimes directly proportional to the number of Instagram followers on your profile. So you have to increase it too.

Some tips

With the new 2019 updates affecting the Instagram API, you need to make sure that you are engaging with your customers on a real level. Here are a few ways to do this creatively:

Embed gifs in your Instagram stories as a short rendition. Share more video content that you can reserve exclusively for your Instagram followers. Respond to and follow customer comments too.

We hope that this year this information will help you to make your Instagram account more engaging and interesting. Make sure to use these Instagram trends above and increase engagement with your content.

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