How to eliminate rats, the different types of rodenticides or rat killers

There are many types of rodenticides , poisons, or ways to kill rats. Thanks to the following summary perhaps you can get an idea of ​​the most important ones.

Seed-baited killers

In this first case, we have a rat killer designed to kill mice and (small) rats. As bait, seeds are used for rodents disposed in a dispenser, in which the poison is applied so that for a few days you have the plague of rats controlled and the annoying dead rodents.

Block-shaped killers

These types of products are ideal for larger rats. This type of product is resistant to water and humidity, so you will not have conservation problems.

Pasta matarrats

This type of rat poison is made in the form of a paste, it is usually placed on the walls like natural rat killers and it is an ideal product for rats in case of living in a house with a high degree of humidity.

Acute kills

These rodenticides kill rats that, due to mutations or alterations in their metabolic functions, have developed resistance to anticoagulants.

Blood thinning killers

They are those rodenticides that alter the metabolism of vitamin K in rats, and in this way it does not coagulate their blood. It is a slow rat poison. This important factor makes the rodenticide have an effect since the rats will carry this poison to their burrow, where they will prepare to eat together with the rest of their friends and family rats. Therefore we can kill a greater number of rats and more effectively. thus ending with a larger number.

Single shot marras

They are ultra-lethal poison rodenticides with an almost immediate effect. They usually take between one or two days to take effect.

Mataratas with vitamin D

These rats absorb a lot of calcium in the blood of the rats or mice that live in your house. In this way, they cause various problems in the body that end up killing the rats.

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