6 proven strategies to gain more followers on Twitter

This is the perfect moment to start using these strategies for success to increase the number of followers on Twitter!

The information that the Twitter profile contains provides your followers with some idea about what they can be expecting from you.

  • A bad profile might dissuade followers — which is which the exact opposite of what you’d want is!
  • Here are some of the benefits of the AWESOME business or brand Twitter account:
  • A profile photo that grabs the attention of others and communicates the brand’s image
  • A compelling bio that briefly describes your identity, the things you do, as well as your hobbies
  • Your place of residence (to draw local followers)
  • A gorgeous Twitter banner that is connected to your business

The process of optimizing the Twitter account can set you up to reap the most benefit from the coming strategies on Twitter.

1. Set your tweets up to post frequently, consistently

If you don’t tweet it, people won’t be retweeting you.

  • Post Planner’s Content Scheduling tool lets you create your tweets in bulk.
  • Make your schedule for your posts days or weeks in advance.
  • You can even look through Post Planner’s library of content for well-curated content to tweet.
  • The content library has got you covered, from inspiring quotes and memes, to an easy-to-use calendar.
  • Post Planner will publish your tweets automatically based upon the schedule you set.

Automation allows you to offer your followers constant value in terms of entertainment, ideas, and entertainment!

2. Engage with influencers within your field.

There’s more than one sheriff who is looking to increase their followers. Use BestFollowers.Uk for this purpose and that’s work a lot. Ask any Twitter user in your area, and they will tell you they’d like to expand, also!

Do you see any benefit in having a conversation with prominent people from your area? Absolutely! It’s social media at the end of the day.

Retweeting and responding to other influencers can earn YOU further recognition within your field. People who are your peer’s followers are also more likely to follow you due to:

(A) You tweet the content that they love.

B) Your credibility will be bolstered by the way you’re associated.

There’s a caveat to this:

Connect with influencers who have a few hundred followers than you. It’s an excellent idea to get involved with big accounts, as well. However, the chance of them retweeting or replying to your posts is about as unlikely as the chances of them cooking a fresh noodle.

3. Follow people more often to discover new followers

Reciprocity is one of the most important rules on social media.

People are inclined to give back what they’ve received.

Following other people is among the most efficient ways to increase the number of Twitter followers.

Find people who are who are interested in your field.

How are you going to find them?


Enter relevant hashtags in Twitter’s Twitter Search bar.

Here’s a great example:

Let’s say that your area of expertise is mixed martial arts.

The tool will even show you a the “tweet wall” of people who have recently used your specific hashtag to tweet.

One final thing:

Follow those who appear to be following others.

If the profile you are following has a small number of followers, don’t be expecting to receive a response.

Do this 15-minute practice every day and you’ll notice your followers increase in a matter of one week.

4. Create a Twitter account

The process of writing a tweet thread involves tweeting something and responding to it with a set of tweets.

Consider this example:

The potential for virality of thread posts is absolutely insane.

What is the reason?

Thread posts generally provide something of value.

The tweets you post to the thread will make it more prominent.

The more noticeable your tweet is, the greater engagement you’re likely to receive!

PRO TIP: Inform people that the tweet you sent out is thread-based, so they examine the replies.

5. Post more images to create visual content

It’s simple to focus on text when it comes to tweets.

Images are among the best ways to get the attention of Twitter.

Here’s a ridiculous illustration that shows what it means by

Tweets with images earn 18 percent more clicks and 89% more likes and 150 percent more tweets that are retweeted.

Users on Twitter will be able to check out your photos when they visit your profile. Users are more likely follow your site if they can access visually appealing and high-quality content on your website.

6. Live tweets at key events that relate to your area of expertise

Twittering live during events is an amazing method to capitalize on a highly emotional moment.

  • Consider tweeting during these activities:
  • Major events in politics (rallies, hearings, protests)
  • Games and sports events
  • Movies and television shows
  • News broadcasts

Think about what occasions your followers might be attracted to and then show up on Twitter to promote them!

Participants who attend these events are in the best position to engage. They’ll want to follow you if your tweets are in line with their views.

Live-tweeting adds a sense the community of an event is happening in a room that people are witnessing on their own. It’s recommended to live-tweet any popular event to make the most value from trending hashtags.

For instance, you’ll see more engagement on Twitter about the premiere of a well-known show than live-tweeting about a classic film you’re watching.

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