5 Ultimate Benefits of Tree Plantation in Ahmedabad

Whether you want to support an extensive plantation program or put your efforts to plant trees on your land, even minor things help when it comes to tree plantation. So let’s find out what’s so great about plantations & the benefits of planting new trees.

1) Cleaner air

The more trees we plant, the cleaner the air will be because trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that helps us breathe better & cleaner air. Trees are also capable of absorbing other pollutant gases such as ammonia, ozone & sulfur dioxide. They also use their barks & leaves to filter out particulates from the air.

2) Acts as a natural water filter

Trees & forests act as a natural filter which results in clean water because the rainwater gets intercepted by the vegetation, which slows it down & stops it from eroding the soil on the ground. Soils that are eroded dump the pollutants into nearby water, which negatively impacts aquatic life. But as trees slow down rainwater, soils now can absorb the manageable amount, which helps them to recharge groundwater & hydrate surrounding trees.

3) Carbon removal

Trees can slow down the heat-trapping of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which results in rising temperature & global warming. According to a study conducted, trees can absorb 22 Kgs of carbon dioxide every year, which is a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide sequestered.

4) Controls temperatures

Trees also provide protection & shade during hot weather and dazzling sunshine. Few people or even an entire town can be protected, depending on the number of trees. Large cities & towns are always going to remain warm compared to the surrounding areas. Planting lots of trees can help overcome this effect as it can lower down the temperature & save the cost of artificial cooling such as air conditioning.

5) Habitat for wildlife

wildlife can use trees as shelter, for building their nests, for sourcing & storing food, for mating & hibernating. Due to the increase in the rate of deforestation, many species are on the verge of extinction. We can overcome this situation by planting more trees & by providing them natural & safe environment to thrive. But this is not just limited to animals! There are various flora & fauna that gets protected too by trees in the wild.


The above points signify why plantation is significant & how they can make a difference to our planet earth. Of course, there are many more advantages of planting trees than the ones listed above, but for now, take these on board & decide how you can make a difference by encouraging tree plantation in your area.