What are the Neon Signs?

Custom-designed Neon signs are an extremely flexible and stunning lighting display that is ideal to advertise your business by creating traffic and adding a sense of style to any location.

How Neon Signs Made

Shapes, letters and other completely customizable architectural designs can be filled up with inert gas. in the event that a powerful, high-voltage electric current flows across the gases, the pipes turn on emitting a color that you choose.

3d rendering of abstract exhibition background with ultraviolet neon lights, cosmic landscape, glowing lines on black background. purple, pink and blue colors.

Signs made of neon can be placed wherever you like for example, directly on the wall, suspended from or connected to wire or chain, or set free on a secured base or stand.

Neon Signs of your choice

We know that you’re looking for a distinctive look and will collaborate with you to ensure that your customized neon sign is the perfect fit. EchoNeon is a specialist in custom signs that feature beautiful shape cut backings which give the sign the professional, sleek appearance you’re after.

In Echoneon We have years of experience making customized neons and Neon lights that will satisfy our clients’ desires. From simple signs to large outdoor signage with multi-colors that showcase your company’s image We have the knowledge and tools as well as the store materials to design the design you desire.

8 Reasons You Need Neon Signs for Your Business

Outstanding Appearance

Neon signs are a vibrant and eye-catching addition to any Business that can make significant improvements to your brand’s visibility. Because our eyes naturally draw attention to light and color when we are dark, putting up the neon sign will immediately improve your image even on a street with fierce competition. Neon signs are particularly useful for small business owners looking to make their presence known.

Custom Design

One of the major advantages of neon signs is the possibility of customization. It is possible to customize a neon vibes uk provides you with a variety of possibilities for the design you want. Businesses that use our online tool will be able create neon signs with the perfect shape and color.

Make sure to select the Customize option for the Neon Sign

Affectiveness in the Nighttime

Neon signs are a way for businesses to work in the dark. Although it is possible to install additional lighting to illuminate your current signage, it’s best to upgrade it with neon signage.

4. Using Less energy

Neon is the fifth-highest-yielding chemical element found in the world after hydrogen, helium carbon, oxygen and. With its enormous growth, it should come as no surprise that neon signage is so inexpensive. Because it doesn’t contain any filament, the neon electrodes are very cool, meaning they don’t waste any electrical energy. This is another reason they are able to outlast bulbs that light up.


Alongside being extremely strong, neon signs have the benefit of a wide working range that means you’ll be protected in all situations in which line voltage is susceptible to brownouts.

Neon Life expectancy

If you consider that bulbs need very little maintenance and that traditional light signs could be damaged in as little as six weeks, then the worth of neon signs is obvious.

Easier in Installation

The neon signs are put up within minutes and you will be able to begin reaping the benefits right away.

Recognized by Potential Customers

Neon signs have a long tradition in advertising. Actually this sign for brand awareness was a huge help to many large businesses. From the moment you put an ad for your sign you’ll be in the sights of people passing by.

Why Custom Neon Signs

But custom neon signs can take anything including the most basic message to a completely new dimension. They are specifically designed to fit your company’s needs, using specific colors, logos and easily recognized graphics as well as letters and fonts that will make you stand out from other businesses.

Customize Your Sign

If you select an individual design, you are able to stand out. In addition, you can select the size and the manner in which it’s intended to appear and put up as well as the color scheme that will be in use as well as the graphic elements and more.

It is generally recommended to choose a the custom neon. It distinguishes you from the rest and gives you an edge. On EchoNeon You can access an online tool that allows you to make an Custom Neon Sign for your company.

Common Questions about Neon signs

Do neon lights go out?

A neon sign operates by using gasses that are contained in tubes, however it’s no more hazardous than other electrical appliance. They aren’t pressure-sensitive however, and even though they become slightly warm however, they’re not dangerous to fire unless they are placed near the fabric or anything else that is susceptible to burning when exposed to electrical devices. The signs aren’t hazardous to the touch as they don’t release any of the gases contained within the tubing of glass.

The life expectancy of neon signs?

The gas in the neon sign will fade over time, so it is necessary to have the sign replaced however, typically it is not necessary. Custom neon sign , or pre-made neon sign will last for quite a long time. The lifespan of a neon sign is contingent on the amount of time you lit each night. The more often you use it, the faster the gas’s vaporization will occur.

Can I brush Neon Signs?

Just like a normal light bulb or other similar device, you can clean the custom neon signs uk , however you should take it seriously. Make sure the sign is not plugged in and then make use of a soft dry cloth to clean any dust lightly. It is not necessary to use a damp cloth as the water could come in contact with the electrical connection of your neon sign and trigger an electric shock. Also, you should be mindful of not scratching the surface an neon sign, or applying excessive pressure, exactly as you would with washing a lamp. If you observe these tips then you can maintain your sign tidy and free of dust.