7 Best Tips To Make Maroon Smokey Eyes

Looking for the best online beauty parlor services which will help you with creating maroon smokey eyes? We can help you with the tips to create the best smokey eye makeup look. Smokey eye looks very attractive and classy. With the new technology, you can easily search parlors online for yourself. It is obvious you want to look best for the occasion. In this article, we will guide you with some tips to make maroon smokey eyes.

If you have time and idea and want to do your makeup yourself then you can look at several YouTube tutorial videos that will help you in creating the best smokey look. But if you don’t have much idea about the smokey eye look then you can search online for the best women’s parlour near me and will help you with your makeup and will also give you some tips to create it.

There are some tips you need to follow when you create a smokey eye look and this article will guide you with tips to create maroon smokey eyes. You should be focusing on eye makeup as it is very critical to do. Not everyone is talented in doing eye makeup. It requires good skill to do the perfect eye makeup especially when you want to make smokey eye makeup look.

What are the Makeup Products Needed to Create Smokey Eyes?

There are some makeup products which you will need to create the maroon smokey eye. Without these, you can’t make perfect smokey eyes. Even if you are booking a parlor for your makeup you need to know what are the products needed for a smokey eye, and they have all the mentioned products or not.

You should use good qualities and branded makeup product so, that it doesn’t cause any allergies to your eyes. And you should be friendly with all the products which will be used for your eye makeup.

Hence, the products required for making a smokey eye are:

  • Different shades of eye shadow(light and dark)
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Primer
  • Concealer

These are the most important things which you need to nail the smokey eye look. Or you can search online for a women’s parlour near me for making maroon smokey eyes and look whether they have these services and products to make your D-day the best. 

7 Tips to Make your Maroon Smokey Eyes Look Flawless

As we know smokey eyes are trending these days and people are going crazy for a smokey makeup look. And you also want to make a smokey eye look for your function, you start looking on the internet for online beauty parlor services that will help you to create the perfect smokey look with their services. But before that, you need to know the tips for making a flawless maroon smokey look which is very necessary.

Here are some tips which will help you to make maroon smokey eyes perfect:

  1. Primer 

A little amount of primer will help you to keep your eye makeup long. Eyelid primer is the most important step while applying smokey eye makeup. Primer makes sure that your eyeshadow and eyeliner don’t get smudged outside the lids and rims.

  1. Apply concealer

For creating a smooth base you need to apply concealer and set it with loose powder. It makes it easy for you to blend your eyeshadow colors and make it look flawless. 

  1. Bit of burnt orange eyeshadow

To get the attractive smokey eye you need to add warmth to your makeup. By adding the brunt orange before maroon shade will make your makeup look more attractive. Take a small makeup brush and dip it into the burnt orange eyeshadow and blend the shadow to create a good look. And after that apply maroon color to get the maroon smokey eye. You can also add a little white or grey matte eyeshadow as per your skin color to get that smokey look.

  1. Should stay around the lashes

You need to be very careful while applying eye shadow. It is important to keep an eye on how far down you are taking the makeup. The color shouldn’t expand too much farther than your lower lashes, it will look greasy if it is extended further. You want the color of your eyeshadow to look rich and attractive. Hence, it is important to stay near the lashes.

  1. Blend crease perfectly

Smokey eye makeup should be carefully applied, it cannot look bad. Smokey eye makeup looks should expertly smudge. Use a crease brush or mini brush to blend your eyeshadow along your eyelids for a signature smokey look. Softly smudge the color beneath your eyes.

  1. Use of eyeshadow in the right place

You should know how to use eye shadow. It is very important to keep the eyeshadow in the right place. It should be under the iris and outer corners. Your eye makeup should not come between the lower eyelid and upper cheek as it can cast your eyeshadow to make you look tired.

  1. Clean up some area of an eye after makeup

After you are done with your eye makeup you need to clean up with cotton swabs so that they look polished. Brighten the eye area with the highlighter to the inner corners.

It is very important that your eyeshadow looks good in your skin color. So you should choose the color of eye shadow light or dark according to it. 


For a flawless maroon smokey eye look you need to follow these 7 tips. And you can also get the help of the parlors to make maroon smokey eyes. If you are looking for the best parlor for eye makeup then you can look on the internet by searching women’s beauty parlors and you will get the certain names of the parlors and online beauty parlor services provided by them.

Hence, in today’s time, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the new trends in makeup. All information regarding makeup is also available on the internet. You can also take help from some sites for your smokey eye makeup look. Follow the steps and kill the maroon smokey eye makeup with your skill.