Best Christmas holiday destinations in Europe

Europe is one of the best holiday spots when it comes to spending your Christmas holidays. And thus, most travelers choose European destinations to spend their Christmas and New Year. Are you planning a Christmas holiday in Europe as well? Or are confused about where to visit in Europe to make the best of your festive vacations? Take help from our guidebook on the best Christmas holiday destination in Europe to choose your ideal holiday location.

Let’s know the best Christmas holiday destinations in Europe

Wroclaw, Poland

A picture-perfect destination, Wroclaw, Poland is a great place to spend your festive winter holidays. Mainly, a hidden gem, Wroclaw is completely worthy of booking direct flights to Poland from USA. The city is the perfect place to get a break from your everyday city life and enjoy Christmas in a new way.

Go shopping in the city and buy chocolates and Christmas candies from roadside stalls. Or take a long walk to the city center lighten up with bright colored lights. Must-have experiences while visiting this Polish city include visiting Cathedral Island. You can also become a part of the popular Christmas Parades and watch a great theatre performance.

Manchester, England

Enjoy your Christmas holidays in a city full of life and Christmas feels. Manchester is one of the top European locations for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The first of the UK’s cities that hosted a Christmas Market, this city is a perfect place to spend your Christmas holidays.

Spend your time here drinking in the city’s rooftop bars and shop from one of the oldest Christmas Markets. Also, enjoy a whole course festival meal to celebrate Christmas and don’t forget to make early bookings.

London, UK

London is a destination that attracts tourists throughout the year, but Christmas makes it look more beautiful than ever. Book a flight from USA to London to spend your Christmas holidays like royalty. Visit the Alps if you share a love for skiing or snowboarding or enjoy warmth in the hot springs.

Spend time in the city’s well-decorated Christmas markets and shop from the local stalls. Go shopping on Oxford street and pick up a colorful Christmas dress for yourself. You can also catch a theatre performance or meet your favorite stars at Madame Tussaud’s Museum.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

A beautiful location that gives you fairy-tale feels, Grindelwald, Switzerland is a magical traveling location. One of the most visited places in Switzerland during Christmas and New Year, this city is a paradise for travelers.

The whole town stays covered with pearl while snow during winters and is close to the Alps. If you share a love for skiing and snowboarding, then Grindelwald is the idle visiting place for you. Spend your time here exploring the different skiing resorts and spending time on other snowboarding adventures.

Florence, Italy

A city that becomes more magical during Christmas, Florence is one of the tops visited locations by tourists in winters. The city center is lighten-up with beautifully colored lights and the compact café serves the best hot chocolate drinks. The giant Christmas tree in the city center has the best colorful lights and makes the whole experience more magical.

Things to do in Florence include hopping candies and chocolates from the gorgeous Christmas market. Hitting a pub and sharing few drinks with your friends and family or the friendly locals of the city. Also, make sure to make early flight and hotel bookings to get the best deals and enjoy the best offers on bookings.

Vilnius, Lithuania

A hidden gem in the treasure of the best Christmas locations, Vilnius is a beautiful traveling location. The city is perfect for travelers who are looking for an intimate Christmas holiday experience with friends and family. The city is a historic land and will take you back to the original traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Things to do in the city include visiting the International Christmas Charity Bazaar and shop for all of your festive needs. Don’t forget to visit the Christmas Tree decorated at the Cathedral Square and get mesmerized by its beauty. If you want to buy a great woolen sweater for Christmas, then visit the city’s famous Wool House and get yourself one.

Stockholm, Sweden

Enjoy the freshly baked gingerbread and joyous festive feel at Stockholm, Sweden. Want to spend your Christmas with a mix of both traditional and modern styles? Then Stockholm is the perfect place for you as the city celebrates Christmas with a blend of both styles.

Spend your time in the city exploring its beautiful Old Town Christmas markets. Or just visit a beautiful roadside café to enjoy a hot chocolate with a pumpkin pie. And the beautiful lights of the city guide you to a more joyous and more festive Christmas.

Helsinki, Finland

The Christmas markets in Helsinki always steal the show and have an upper hand in the rest of the Christmas markets in the European subcontinent. The beautiful Christmas markets in the city are filled with food, fun, lights, colors, and festive vibes.

The city center has beautiful pastel color lights with a grand Christmas Tree at the center of it. Start enjoying a traditional Christmas holiday with a meal of rice, prodigy, followed by a plum juice in the morning. Shop handicrafts, chocolates, candies, and clothes from the local market at the Senate Square. The city enjoys a -4 degree celsius temperature in winters and is perfect for travelers who love snowy winters.

Madeira, Portugal

If you share a love for both music and Christmas then Madeira is the perfect holiday location for you. Enjoy the best of Portuguese land with entertaining scenes and classic music along with the festive vibes. Moreover, you can also enjoy a religious way of celebrating Christmas in Europe.

The people of Madeira are extremely friendly and cheerful and are always ready to share a few drinks with travelers. The most important experience to experience here includes catching the Fireworks show. You can also visit Funchal street for catching the festive mood and beautiful decorations. Also, don’t forget to become a part of the most unusual and religious way of celebrating Christmas in Europe.