Easy Ways to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your WordPress Site

If you want to make money from a low traffic blog or want to quickly and easily pay customers for your construction service business… Or you are a car dealer and want to charge a deposit in advance to set aside enough time for your business. All you want is to accept payments through a credit card with a good payment gateway.

Regardless of the reason you wished to accept online payments, the problematic issue was that you had to thoroughly check your current website and check your different e-commerce plugins to do so, right?

Your website uses WordPress advanced features, and you can use many payment methods, few of them can be added to any of your web pages or posts. Whether you are looking for a regular credit card payment or a complete e-commerce platform, here are few effective sources to meet your needs.

What types of WordPress sites can accept online payments?

 If you sell or use money, you can maximize your profit when accepting online payments.

 Conceptually, you can integrate the online payment to any WordPress website you want. Though, it makes sense to only enhance them to websites that can make the most of them.

Commercial websites like online courses selling, subscription, charities, and services can use online payment. A payment gateway can be just a software tool, or it can contain a physical device that will be used for point-of-sale (POS) transactions. Moreover, there are many important points to consider when selecting a gateway for your business, as well as:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS compliance means that service providers comply with the information security standards of anyone who accepts global credit cards.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. It is suggested that websites with online payment opportunities also buy SSL certificates. Data exchange must take place over a protected link.
  • Plugin compatibility. You need to make sure that the gateway you choose has a valid plugin that can provide the content you need and is suitable for your WordPress theme.
  • User experience. Ensure that the selected gateway can be verified to ensure that it can provide the most efficient user experience during and after the checkout process.

 If it seems difficult to select the right payment method for your store, it is not unusual to use more than one. When customers have multiple payment methods, they are more likely to complete the purchase.

Which Payment Plugin Is Best?

The products you sell on your website are your brand image or persona, so choose them accordingly.

Suppose you sell products such as e-books, LMS based online courses, or membership plans. In that case, WP EasyPay is a perfect plugin because it contains an easy payment process and assistance for recurring payments.

There are many invoices’ plugins available in the WordPress directory, and it is an excellent choice for quickly composing invoices and processing customer payments for freelancers and experts.

WooCommerce is the best choice for introducing large online stores vending different products, together with physical products, whereas handling shipping costs and duties.

Third-party plugins

 If you have a WordPress-based business plan, you have many options. Assuming that your business needs have fully-fledged and you need the support of a complete e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is a kind of e-commerce-based business. In addition to receiving credit card payments, it also allows you to create a product showcase and build payment processes.

The WordPress source directory has a large number of paid plugins for you to choose from. However, the secure payment function is integrated with Stripe, which offers an authentic way to collect credit card payments on your website, so you don’t have to worry about plugin updates.

WordPress Payments with Stripe

One of the most dominant functions of WordPress is the payment block, which empowers you to collect one-time payments for specific products, services, and regular payments for subscription purposes.

 Integrate with Stripe to continue credit and debit card shopping securely. You can also manage subscriptions, provide refunds, and monitor the income you earn through the website directly from your WordPress account.

Stripe provides payment to all WordPress payment plans, including personal, premium, and business. It is suitable for freelancers and bloggers, as well as small to medium companies and online stores. Utilize it to sell digital downloads and physical products.

 Increase Conversion Rate Through One-Click Payments

30% of buyers are fascinated by online purchases due to the simple checkout process. Meet buyers’ requirements by allowing one-click payments such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Payment processors specifying online or retail payments (and Square and PayPal) offer these kinds of single-click payment choices.

 In addition to Apple Pay and Google, other processors (such as Shopify) also provide their single-click payment solutions as Shop Pay. By speeding up One-Click Payments and eradicating the necessity to use a physical payment, shoppers may be less concerned about financial safety.


These are the many ways to receive WordPress payments. For any situation you may encounter, there are many options to optimize all types of payment issues.

Although we use Stripe extensively in this article, you can use any payment gateway you want. The directions may be slightly different, but the whole process should be effective at the same time.

As with many online business features, finding the proper payment method for your website requires rigorous trials and solutions for possible errors. To receive credit card payments, try different opportunities and learn which option will best support your customers and provide the features you need at a price you can afford.