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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded as an autonomous institution under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006. An FSSAI food license is essential to operate any type of food business in India. You can only run a food business in India if you have an FSSAI certificate. Depending on the annual turnover and type of business, there are three different types of registrations.

If you want to run a food business, this is one of the most important licenses to acquire. Manufacturers, dealers, and eateries are all given a 14-digit identification number. All food packages are obliged by law to include this information.

The FSSAI regulations are designed to achieve the following goals:

The creation of scientifically confirmed food publication normative guidelines.

Keeping and regulating the most effective food processing, storage, sale, distribution, and import systems in place.

Food outlets must assure and promote the safety and quality of food served to the general public.

The regulatory procedures are easy. The regulatory procedures are simple.

FSSAI Registration website to register.

  • APPLICANT NAME / Firm Name: This is the company or organization name that is included on the FSSAI certificate.
  • EMAIL ID: Make that the applicant’s e-mail address is legitimate.
  • Choose your style of business: Make a choice about the type of company you want to manage.
  • CATEGORY SEEL A FOOD: Choose a kind of food.
  • Complete the corresponding business address that is printed on your FSSAI certificate.
  • THE CERTIFICATE VALIDITY: The number of years to be completed

Food Safety Types and Indian Licenses Standard Authority:

Central FSSAI licenses- The Food and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) is the leading regulator and supervisory authority for food safety in India. The FSSAI Food Safety License is therefore legally required. This section discusses the central license of FSSAI.

Annual income businesses with more than 20 crore rupees can apply for a central FSSAI license. Indian Food and Safety Authority requires, among others, Central FSSAI licenses from importers, manufacturers and operators, railways, airlines, and seaports.

State Licensing- The applicant must apply for a State FSSAI License to manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, dealers, restaurants, distributors, etc. Anyone wishing to create a food company must get an FSSAI license beforehand. Not simply those who make food, but also those who manage it before reaching the client at different phases, such as raw materials, production, manufacture, restaurants, packaging and distribution, and those who can sell it.

Basic Registration –The Food Norms and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) is the principal food safety regulatory and supervisory organization in India. The FSSAI Basic Registration is therefore required by law. In this section, we shall examine the necessary registrations. The application for basic FSSAI Food Safety Registration is available for small and startup companies with annual revenues less than Rs.12 lakhs. If a transaction turnover surpasses Rs. 12 lakh, a state license shall be changed to a basic registration. It’s a pretty basic registration, as the name implies, that won’t be enough for a big company.

For the license to obtain a State or federal license, Form B must be filled out in addition to the above prerequisites.

If the name is required of the technically qualified person responsible for operations,

  • Qualification
  • Address
  • Photo identification card with a date of expiration
  • Number to call
  • Contact information via email

The fabricator, whether or not it has an analytical laboratory unit, and if yes, what are the details.

List the installed capacity of the food product per day.

For milk products, both Milk Chilling Centers (MCCs), Bulk Milk Cooling Centers (BMCs), and Milk Processing Units (MPUs), location, and installed capacity are located in liters.

The applicant shall provide a fssai food license before the application, after the inspection and satisfaction, to the proprietors of the food firm after 45-60 days. The application form is valid for 1 or 5 years in accordance with the applicant’s selection.