Get to know the composite and porcelain dental veneers

Dental veneers are one of the most demanded aesthetic resources lately, to show off the best smile. It is a dental treatment that has evolved in recent years. With the treatment some functional problems can be solved. However, in general its application is almost always sought for an aesthetic purpose.

The treatment consists of placing sheets, which can be made of different materials. These are placed on the external face of the tooth to cover certain aesthetic problems. Such as cracks or breaks, changes in color or incorrect positions of some parts.

There is no doubt that a beautiful smile gives people security and allows you to feel comfortable with your physique. This is the reason for the increase in demand for this treatment, which greatly improves the aesthetics of the smile. It is also a resistant and long-lasting treatment.

Characteristics of dental veneers

  • In recent decades, the treatment of dental veneers has evolved and is increasingly sophisticated. There are different materials for its manufacture, such as porcelain and composite.

Porcelain plates are very thin sheets made in the dental laboratory. They are designed according to the needs and characteristics of each patient. They are then placed on each tooth. They are usually more expensive than composite ones. Since they have greater durability and great efforts are not needed to maintain them.

While composite veneers are made directly on the tooth. A type of resin is applied and it is given the desired shape. The resin is similar to that used to place fillings.

This material is cheaper, but requires a lot of skill from the professional who applies it. These veneers involve a bit more maintenance and visits to the dentist, although they are also very durable.

  • They are an alternative to teeth whitening , which is a treatment that is also in high demand today. The difference is that the results of a whitening are usually for a year or a little longer. While veneers can last 8-10 years minimum .

They last this long when it comes to composite veneers. When they are made of ceramic they last much longer.


  • In terms of coloration, veneers will not always remain the same flawless white as when they are placed. Like teeth, veneer materials are porous. Which causes its color to become a bit yellowish over the years .

Composite is a more porous material than porcelain. The constant consumption of coffee, black tea, red wine or beets, usually stain the teeth. They also change the color of the veneers.


  • Dental veneers are usually a solution for the large interdental space between two pieces (diastema ). This problem can also be corrected with orthodontics, but the process is much longer, veneers are a quick solution.

They can also be the solution to other aesthetic and functional problems. Such as discoloration and slight malpositions of some teeth.


  • A very important characteristic of dental veneers is that they are resistant and long lasting. These usually have an average duration between 10 or 15 years. As long as good hygiene and gingival health are always carried out.

Visits to the dentist will be made on a regular basis. However, they don’t have to do much more than anyone else who takes care of your dental health.

Visit the dentist regularly, have good dental hygiene habits, and maintain good oral health.

Remember a beautiful smile is the best presentation you can make. Keep it beautiful and healthy. Follow these tips and you will always be smiling and reflect and spread happiness to other people