How are custom mailer boxes becoming the need of every business?

Few uncommon facts about the custom mailer boxes

In many ways, it also helps you make a strong recognition for your brand. There are many reasons to explain how custom mailer boxes are becoming the necessity of every online as well as an e-commerce business, old or new. Discussing those reasons would also help newcomers understand how to start it on the right note. 

First and foremost, custom packaging opens a lot of doors for creativity. People can try different colors, patterns, and layouts on a box to see which one fits. Moreover, it allows people to have the perfect design for the product. For instance, someone is buying a cosmetic product. They would want to have a box that fits the aesthetics of the cosmetics industry. In this case, a dark-colored and dull box would not work. The plain brown box would also look boring. This is the smart way for you to have a box that fits the aura of the brand as well as the industry. For cosmetics, light colors and patterns are more suitable.

A perfect shipping packaging solution

It is safe to say that custom packaging is tailored to perfection. All its features including, size, shape, design, etc., are all well-made for the product. No matter in which industry you are shinning as a brand, you can always find the perfect packaging for it. One that suits it the best. Also, small objects like labels and stickers impact a lot in the bigger picture. With all other packaging options available, it is always wise to choose mailer boxes that can be customized as per requirements. Most brands have adopted this feature throughout time. Due to this gain of popularity, no wonder how custom-made boxes have become the need of every business. 

Easily convey your brand message to the customer

A custom box will promote your brand and convey its message. The difference is really noticeable by you before and after using custom packaging. Using brand-related designs can help your business become popular and attract new customers as well as satisfying the old ones. It is a simple step towards your brand’s bigger future. More importantly, it is a lesson for new business starters that how much small aspects, like packaging, matter in the longer run. 

Also used for gift packaging purposes

Another important reason is for gifting. This is often overlooked by most people. If you do not want that your customers would receive a product in simple boxing, then why would you want to gift someone something in it? Gifting some in a customized beautiful box makes it ten times better. Plus, the experience will always be memorable. This is mostly used in the toys and gadgets industry. However, with the packaging, it can be used for all kinds of products. And, if you wish to gift something to your friends or family, then select the best custom box for it to make the experience much better.

Helpful tips to know about the custom mailer boxes 

Design custom packaging boxes as per your need

The designing process of your mailer packaging boxes depends entirely on your budget. If it is high, then you should go for a graphic designer. It is good for professional uses, but it will cost you more. The benefit is that less time would go into the process because the designer will get the job done faster than an individual with no experience. 

However, if you cannot afford a designer, then you can design the box yourself. The demeit of this is that it would take more time to reach an actually appealing design. But, the advantage is that you have the opportunity of customizing it yourself by exploring various designs. For beginners, it is more recommended as they do not have enough budget to hire a graphic designer. Also, it teaches you skills that might be handy later. 

Colors to choose for the mailer boxes

It is totally ok to get overwhelmed by choice of colors when you first start designing. You can choose any color without limitation to give the good news. It means you can pick any color you want or that goes well with the overall packaging. But, as mentioned earlier, do not ruin the brand’s aesthetics.

It is recommended to use colors in contrast as it looks more appealing. Also, a smart choice of colors can help you state the product or business’ details in a much better way. Labels and stickers are also considered when choosing the colors, and they should also be picked with contrast. 

The material available for the custom mailer boxes:

There are several materials that are used in the production of boxes. Each material is good for some specific weight limit, and each has its own merits and demerits. Here we mention few of the most common materials that are used for making custom boxes.


The most used material for boxes is cardboard. It is cheap and lightweight. In terms of durability, it is a strong material and can be made with multiple layers to hold heavier products. Its disadvantage is that it can get deformed and is not good for all weather. 


Another lightweight and cheap material are Paperboard. It was quite cheap as compared to most other ones. The disadvantage of Paperboard is that it is not good for heavy items.


Kraft is commonly used for bags rather than boxes. It is good for products of all weights. Kraft does not cost much and weighs less too. However, it is not very eco-friendly.


Plastic mailer boxes are very popular. They are the best for heavy items. But, plastic is quite expensive as compared to others.

Now, you can choose the right material by considering the pros and cons of each material.

The effect of material on packaging design

There are several aspects to it. Some materials have textures that definitely affect the design. Also, some materials like Kraft are dark. This also impacts the design. To overcome this issue, try contrasting colors. For instance, if you have a Kraft box, go for lighter colors. Similarly, choose dark colors for light material like Paperboard.

Choose the shape and size of the mailer box

Both of these factors rely on the item your box has to carry. Consider an object that is 12 inches. Going for a box that is 12 or 13 inches is not a good choice, especially if it is a fragile object. That is because the package would go through a lot of movement during shipment. And, it can damage the product with the pressure. So, when selecting the size, always go for several inches of free space.

As far as the shape goes, you have some freehand there. You can choose the shape however you want. But, due to the size factor, it is sometimes limited to fewer options. Consider going for creative choices when selecting the shape.