How can you make your boring selfies look amazing

As we know that people were quarantined for so long all around the world. Everybody needs something to do when they are free and bored. Interestingly people found some of their talents in this quarantine period. People tried so many different things just to pass their time. Similarly, some people give a try in taking selfies. Among them, most people enjoyed doing it and some thought they wasted their time. Just because their pictures came out not so good.

But in actual they don’t know the tricks to make their quarantine selfies look good. It looks so easy to take a selfie that is both good and beautiful. But in reality, sometimes it is hard to do that simple thing. Imagine, you get dressed up and you are confident that you look great. After getting all dolled up you took out your phone and started taking pictures and not getting one good picture. Won’t you be frustrated? I definitely might get so frustrated that I will not even try taking any pictures again.

But if you ever get stuck in this kind of situation you can always take a look at this article and get the help you need.

Steps to make your selfie amazing

Understand when to use a flash

While taking a selfie always seek to find the right light that is not too harsh or too dull to take a good picture. And if you are sitting in your lounge you can take advantage of your flashlight, when there is no light available. You can also use apps that provide a flash with a front camera that doesn’t usually present in the phone’s camera.

Take lots of selfies. Consider it a rule!

If you want something good to come out, you need to take lots of selfies. But also change the angle, side of your phone in every selfie, don’t just snap. Out of 20 or 30 selfies, there will be one that you will like and want everybody to see it.

Right apps and filters can make it beautiful

When you are done taking pictures, you also think that some of your pictures look good. But you are not 100% satisfied with it, you have filters and apps to rely on. If you are not liking the color in your picture you can edit and make it look as you want. Similarly, there are apps like Instagram where you can find so many beautiful filters to edit your picture. But keep one thing in mind, don’t overdo it!

Your background should also be looking good

While taking a picture, be thoughtful of your background. If your background doesn’t look good it will make your picture seems bad. For example, you are taking a picture in your room mirror and so many things are there in your background like your towel your shoes are showing in your picture. These kinds of things can make your picture look bad.