How Customized Tuck End Boxes Are Best for Packaging Incense Sticks?

The use of incense sticks is on the rise and with that, more people want to buy them. However, many don’t know how they have packaging and what the best way to store them is. There is a need to know about packaging incense sticks in tuck end boxes for storage purposes. 

First off, we’ll cover some basics about these types of boxes: they are made from heavier paper than what you’d find at your local office supply store; this makes it so they can stand up nicely without bending or flopping over when stored vertically on their side. There are some incense box packaging that has a flap or “tuck” at one end where the box folds back down onto itself. The tuck is where you fold the top of the box after opening it. If there isn’t a tuck, then you have an open-ended pouch that will fall over when stored vertically on its side.

How to store incense stick in boxes?

The best way to store incense sticks depends largely on what type of incense they are and how long you want them to keep their scent. The tuck end boxes are the best for packaging incense sticks.

These boxes always have a flap or “tuck” at one end. That’s where the box folds back down onto itself as well as an adhesive strip to seal them shut. The tuck is where the top fold was when you opened it. The tuck will be there if you fold the paper in half and then open up that side.

There is no tuck, then you have an open pouch or box. packaging.

Packaging incense in tubes or bottles can be hard. If it does not keep upright, smoke can come out. You should package it in a packet so the smoke will stay inside the packet and not come out. Do not store incense sticks in spots where there is a lot of heat or moisture because then they will get moldy or brittle from being too hot or too wet.

Customized tuck end boxes can keep your incense stick free from dirt and dust while stored in shops and homes. The box will also protect the customer’s hands from getting dirty while touching the stick. The interior material inside the box should be such that it does not allow the smoke to escape.

Strength of the Boxes:

A tuck end box can be made from a sturdy material that has a strong lock. It should have enough space and the gusset must not go too low or too high so it is safe for the incense sticks inside. You can save time and money by ordering a custom-made tuck end box online on a packaging company’s website. They will send you finished boxes with your logo or design printed/stamped on them after taking measurements to make sure they are correct.

These boxes are very similar to normal boxes but they have an additional flap that can have tuck inside other flaps to form a closed box. This is the reason why it is called the tuck end box. They are best for packaging incense sticks, especially joss sticks/agarbatti . The shape of this box gives extra space so that multiple numbers of incense stick pack neatly without curling them up each other.

How these boxes are mostly suitable for incense sticks?

Tuck end boxes for incense sticks are totally different from the normal boxes. The box has two flaps that can be pulled up to form a flat surface on top of the box. These incense sticks are perfect. They are designed in a way that they won’t take up much space inside the packaging box and multiple packs can fit without any disorder.

How are these tuck boxes helpful?

These converted boxes are very helpful especially when you need to send them out as they provide extra safety and protection to your products inside the package once closed/tucked inside each other perfectly. You don’t have to worry about anything. These packing boxes give an and professional look and feel and are suitable for use in every type of industry.

What manufactures offer these types of boxes?

All kinds and sizes of tray and sleeve boxes wholesale can be customized according to the client’s requirement and choice. Most popular and easily available is the tuck top boxes. These are very much affordable too. But before finalizing you must discuss all your requirements with them so that they could provide 100% satisfactory results to you.

What materials or thickness you should choose for such packaging boxes?

It depends on where it will be used, what product is going inside the box, budget constraints, etc. Generally, we advise clients to go for 2-3 Ply cardboard which normally reduces the price but gives a good look and feels which lasts long. Other options customers can also think about such as custom boxes with metallic finishing, matt, or glossy lamination.

What design and colour theme should be chosen for such packaging boxes?

It totally depends on what product you are going to pack. We recommend our clients to use a white background for incense sticks. This helps people better see the colors in the incense and it makes it easier to smell. We always suggest a design that has a color scheme of two different colors, one that is the base color and then one that is for accents. This gives contrast and also harmony at the same time. The accent can be done using different patterns like velvet coating/foil stamping/ embossing, etc…

How many designs should be printed on such boxes?

The number of exteriors designs a client need is entirely up to them. If clients want designs on all four sides of the box, we can give prints but if there are some particular sides which they prefer not to have print on, we can also do that for them as per their choice.


If you are looking to put your incense sticks in good packages, tuck end boxes might be right for you. These boxes come in many different colors and designs which means that it will be easy to find one that matches your brand’s color scheme.