How do I demonstrate the cancellation of a bounced check?

The cancellation of rejected checks can be demonstrated with any of the following alternatives:

– Presentation of the covers or certificates for the exercise of civil actions –as appropriate- before the bank drawn, that is, the one from which the funds were to leave or be debited;

– Receipt of collection issued by the creditor whose signature is certified by a notary public, by a competent judicial official or by the entity drawn in the cases of checks drawn on paper and by the legitimate holder in the cases of ECHEQ;

– Deposit in the house drawn – in the client’s checking account, separating the respective amounts or in a special account at sight – of the amounts of the pertinent checks with more interest calculated from the date of rejection to the date of imposition of the funds ; or

– judicial consignment of the amount of the checks with more interest calculated from the date of rejection to the date of deposit. The rate to be applied for these last two alternatives is the one applied by the Banco de la Nación Argentina for overdrafts in current accounts not previously requested.

– Return of ECHEQ to the drawer ordered by the legitimate holder to the financial institution of which the latter is a client.

The processing related to the cancellations of the rejected checks must be carried out before the operating banks drawn on and then communicated by them to this Central Bank.

Checks are cleared once the deadlines established in Section 1., Point 1.3 have elapsed. Dissemination criteria of the Central Information Center, which can be consulted on the site that this Central Bank maintains on the Internet in the option “Financial System” “Legal and Regulatory Framework” “Order and Summaries”, on regulations.

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