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We have achieved successful results for both men and women through a unique Cenforce 100mg method combining homeopathy, phytotherapy (herbalism) and orthomolecular supplements (vitamin therapy). With this method one is able to simultaneously target and treat the psychological or emotional side and the physical side, as opposed to traditional medicine, achieving continual improvement, definitively, consistently and without side effects. Some of the remedies that produce very good results are:

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  • Homeopathy: Bufo Rana, Phosphoric Acid, Silicea.
  • Phytotherapy: Maca (lepidium meyenii), Damiana, Tribulus terrestris, Epimedium grandiflorum, Yohimbine, Muira Puama, Mucuna pruriens, Ginger, Ginseng.
  • Orthomolecular suplements: L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Glutathione, Lysine, Vit E, Vit A, Coenzyme Q10, Royal jelly.

For each case it is necessary to look at the sensitive typology of the patient, determine if it is a physical or psychical cause, what makes it better or worse, how long they have had it. The patients environment, their relationship with their sexual partner, self esteem and how the problem affects life in general are all important factors. Through a careful consideration of all these areas, a medical professional can recommend a specific treatment.

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Weak erections are medically called as erectile dysfunction which is treated as sexual dysfunction in males. There can be many underlying causes of weak erections or erectile dysfunction as normal erections in males involve series of activities which depend upon person’s physical and psychological health for proper execution.

Normal male erection occurs when blood flows in to sponge like tissues present in male organ covered by a chamber called corpus cavernosa. When brain passes signals to the nerves, the chamber holding sponge like tissues, corpus cavernosa, relaxes, allowing the blood to flow in which is absorbed by the tissues to stiffen the male sex organ for

intromission. The duration of stiffness depends upon the duration for which blood stays in the spongy tissues, after ejaculation blood starts receding and male sex organs looses its stiffness and returns to its normal size.

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Any disease, ailment or malfunctioning of nerves, muscles and blood carrying vessels can hinder this process to cause erectile dysfunction. Apart from these physical reasons psychological reasons also play their part in causing weak erections. Normally male sex organ does not hold similar stiffness during entire sexual act, initially it is not as hard as it gets while approaching orgasm, basically weak erection is where male sex organ does not achieve sufficient stiffness to penetrate or looses its stiffness to continue the act, before orgasm, in a short duration which is not long enough to satisfy his partner.

Diabetes mellitus causes weak erections in up to 50% of diabetic males, excess sugar present in the blood can block blood carrying vessels and can also numb the nerves to cause weak erections. Other diseases related to cardio-vascular system, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and problems related to prostrate gland, kidney and liver can cause weak erections. It is considered that these diseases with diabetes constitute 70% of total complaints of erectile dysfunction.

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With the growing age people tend to develop the problem of erectile dysfunction due to weakening of nervous and cardio-vascular system, which is natural. Surgeries and treatments like chemotherapy can also cause ED. Sedatives, tranquilizers, medicines for high blood pressures and anti-depressants can also cause erectile dysfunction however change in the medicine can resolve this situation if there are no other complications. Hormonal imbalance which causes lack of testosterone hormone, a vital hormone for male sexual functions, causes weak erections and even no erection at all. Injuries to spine, brain, groin area and nutritional problems have also been found to be responsible for erectile dysfunction.

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Psychological factors like performance anxiety where male gets too anxious to perform well in bed and gets psychologically distressed which cause further episodes of failures. Stress can also cause erectile dysfunction as it is difficult for a male to get aroused when he is stressed out. Strained relationship with the partner also takes away fun and pleasure from the act to cause weak erections. Alcoholism, smoking and too much caffeine can also cause erectile dysfunction as these habits prevent sound sleep which hinders the recovery process of the body to cause problems related to erections in the long run.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) also called “male impotence” is a sexual dysfunction characterized by consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The word ‘consistent’ is included in the definition because most men experience transient episodes of ED that are temporary and usually associated with fatigue, anger, depression or other stressful emotions. The Health and Wellness Institute, UK in 2009, estimated that 1 in 10 men in the UK have recurring problems with their erections at some point in their life. It occurs in men who are over 60-65 years in age.

Multiple factors like diabetes mellitus (causing neuropathy) or hypogonadism (decreased testosterone levels due to disease affecting the testicles or pituitary gland) lead to erectile dysfunction. Endogenous factors (arise within the individual) include endocrine imbalances, cardiovascular and other medical conditions, and emotional causes.

While the exogenous factors (arising from sources outside the body) includes medications, surgery, trauma and irradiation, smoking, and alcohol and substance abuse. A symptom is defined as a condition that signifies the presence of something else. Erectile dysfunction symptoms, nevertheless, are generally the result of some psychological or physical problem. Diseases, hormonal impairments, neurological ailments and mental ailments like depression or anxiety (that produces difficulties in erection and also markedly reduce the libido and sexual thoughts) could be either the onset ED.

There are two types of erectile dysfunction or male impotence:

  • Primary Premature Ejaculation
  • Secondary Premature Ejaculation


Depending upon the severity of the erectile dysfunction, the primary symptom of this disorder is difficulty in maintaining an erection for a longer period of time i.e., an inconsistent ability to achieve erections or a complete and total lack of the ability to achieve an erection while the secondary symptom is associated with difficulty in ejaculating or issues relating to orgasm.

The basic symptom of erectile dysfunction are the inability to have an erection or inability to sustain an erection long enough to finish having sex. The condition may appear in several ways:

  • It may be temporary or appear once in a while
  • It may develop gradually and quite persistently
  • It may develop suddenly.

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