How to know if the title is clean?

A certificate of clean title represents that the vehicle is fully paid for and is owned by the seller, that figure by name in the document. A clean title also indicates that the vehicle has not been in a major accident, has not been canceled by an insurance company, and has never been stolen.

What does a clean blue title mean?

In most states, a ” blue title ” is a vehicle with a salvage title ; that is, an insurance company or state agency has determined that the vehicle has been damaged in a serious accident, fire, or flood.

How to know if a car title is original or fake?

The titles printed on poor quality or not it look very convincing and smeared ink or deleted are signals to be careful. It is important that you not only inspect the title and compare the mileage between it and the odometer, but also check the general condition of the car .

What does pink title mean?

This refers to a vehicle that has been destroyed or damaged to such an extent that its repair is considered too expensive. Also in some cases vehicles that have been declared stolen may receive salvaged title .

What color is the clean title?

The auto salvage are usually a degree of color , orange, although this factor depends on the state in which the buyer is located, and flagpole indicated above which is a Salvage title .