Is Your AC System not Turning ON? Here’s why?

When the air conditioner is not working fine, then you can’t stay comfortable and feel annoyed. The overall comfort of the home or the office is compromised and you always want to get over it anyhow. So this usually happens when your unit is not turning ON and you are a bit confused as to what has gone wrong? Well! Nothing to worry, as AC repair Sunrise service has mentioned few obvious reasons that are usually responsible when your unit doesn’t turn ON.

Power Issue

Now one of the most basic issues is the power issue. The problem when the AC is not turning ON is not actually the unit itself, but the power issue behind it. Sometimes it might be loose or disconnected wiring in your home. So if you tried everything in fixing the wiring issue and still isn’t able to get back the system on track, then call AC Repair Sunrise service for proper repairs.

Broken Motor

There are many components in your air conditioner that work in tandem to give proper cool air supply. So if one of the components doesn’t work properly, then it could become a problem for your air conditioning system. One such component is the faulty motor, which is the source of the problem of AC not being turned ON. So when you notice that your unit makes strange sounds, then the faulty motor is the issue.

Clogged Air Filter                                                                                                             

Air filters need to be cleaned at regular intervals of time to get the system working fine and consistently. Sometimes when the air filters become clogged, then the AC doesn’t turn ON. You should either clean the air filters or replace the air filters on time to let the unit work fine without any interruptions.

Low Refrigerant

Sometimes when the AC doesn’t turn ON, it is because there is not enough refrigerant to let the unit work properly. This generally happens because of the leak which is not good and could be dangerous for your home or office. So if you notice that there is a leak in your machine, then immediately get it fixed otherwise the problem will become much worse.