If there’s a way to summarize the current design trends for 2021 It’s that anything is possible. The traditional rules of design that have been around for a long time are being tossed out of the way this year and to be replaced with the celebration of the distinctive.

Looks that are timeless from 2019 such as vibrant kitchens and accent walls and bright colors won’t go trendy Don’t fret when you have just completed a remodel the last time! These looks are being developed and influenced by the latest trends that will be coming out in the coming year.

Have a look at some of our top contemporary furniture shops sunderland designs and trends in furniture for this year!

Sustainable Materials

This trend was evident last year, however this year decorating with sustainability at the lead. It doesn’t matter if it’s antiquing, upcycling or making informed purchasing decisions, sustainability will be top of mind for 2021.

If you’re interested in antiques and DIY projects This is the time for you! If you’re looking to purchase new items, be aware of the materials utilized. Leatherette and wool upholstery continue to gain the market due to their durability when compared to the acrylics or leather, as well as polyesters. Make use of your contemporary furniture and décor to tap on a sustainable way of life. This has also the trendy benefit of making your home feel natural and earthy.

Layered Patterns

Wallpapers and furniture that are patterned is an emerging trend for a while however, in 2021, we can expect to see patterns that are more striking than ever. There are signs of patterns being used in layers and areas they were previously not. Rugs with patterns and pattern-printed tabletops particularly are getting more popular.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure there’s a consistent color theme across the entire space. If you’re using an unifying color or palette the possibilities are endless to mix patterns effortlessly and in a bold way. A patterned to accent your wall, or an armchair that is patterned, and a geometric rug for example could seem like a lot at first, but numerous designers are coming up with similar rooms.

It’s also possible to mix the kind of pattern. We’re seeing geometric patterns with floral patterns regularly. It’s the perfect time to discover!

Natural Luxury

To be sustainable 2020’s designs will feature many natural materials and a lavish twist. Marble counter tops as well as tables in the dining room and bathroom are becoming more popular. Marble end tables and coffee tables, where you might not have come across marble, are getting more and more sought-after. For instance, the Lamer Dining Table is one instance of marble being used in this way that is naturally luxurious.

Other materials such as linen and plaster are the top alternatives for 2020. This traditional style is the perfect blend of style and sustainability. If you are looking for an environment that is sustainable but also want to stay away from colors that tend to be too woody or earthy the luxury aspect is a great option to keep up with the times.

Mixed Metals

One of our favorite trends at sohoConcept involves mixing metals. Instead of maintaining your dining and kitchen area all chrome, the stainless steel in all its forms, or even all brass, there is the freedom to mix the metals all in one place!

This is a trend that is thrilling because it means that you can play around with different colors like matte black, rose gold or even dark red (like we have a few barstools to choose from!) without the need to dedicate a whole room to it. It is possible to mix with chrome and rose gold dining chairs, with the table’s base in matte black and decorate it with items made of the three metals.


It has been the dominant trend for several years, however this year, a new trend of maximalism is driving the new design. Instead of focusing on simplicity in the same way as minimalism does the maximalism movement is about the pursuit of luxury and grand. It is on par with other trends expected to gain traction in 2020. Mixing metals and patterns natural luxury, as well as DIY projects have a space in a modern style.

The main aspect to remember in maximalism design is to ensure that your space doesn’t feel or looking messy. If you can do it with a sense of taste, you’ll be capable of creating what appears like an ad-hoc style but still be comfortable and inviting.

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SohoConcept’s contemporary furniture comes in a range of vibrant shades, neutrals that are simple, and mixed metals that will assist you in creating your contemporary style for 2021. If you’re looking to update some pieces or remodel your entire room, contemporary furniture from sohoConcept will aid you in creating your ideal design!

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