Varanasi – Pristine Land of Serenity Along the Ganges!

If any pristine city has a name, then probably it will be the city of Lord Shiva and that is Varanasi. Varanasi is the city on the banks of the sacred Ganges. Also known as the spiritual city of India, this city witnesses tours and travels from all corners of the world. Varanasi is a city sprawling with ancient Hindu architecture and temples. 

A Complete Tour Itself

The city of Varanasi attracts tourists from all around the world. It is not only about the Indians who come to visit this place out of their spirituality, but many foreigners also pay a visit to this land to experience the essence of Hindu rituals and traditions. They want to get blown away with the chanting prayers along the banks of the river.

Tour Companies Offer Packages

To make you take a dip in the rich heritage of this city, many tours and travel in Varanasi offer a complete tour package. These tour packages serve as a complete guide for the travellers visiting this city for the first time. The tour companies offer different varieties of tour packages, and it depends on several factors like that of the budget of the clients and their plan of visit. There is a distinct categorization for each of the tour packages in this city. If someone wishes to visit Varanasi only for spiritual purposes, there will be a defined package catering only to the spiritual needs of the visitors. Similarly, pre-defined packages are serving other specific needs of the visitors.

Some Interesting Places to Visit in Varanasi

The Sacred Ganges- One of the most attractive elements that make Varanasi unique, is the serene view of the Ganga. You cannot experience a more pristine view of the Ganga in any other place other than Varanasi. There are numerous ghats along the Ganga banks where you will get to see the Hindu aarti in the evenings with candles and flowers. It will help in imparting a feeling of serenity to the visitor. You can also enjoy a joyous boat ride on the river during sunset on the colourful boats standing on the banks.

Assi and Dasaswamedh Ghats- Both these ghats have stories of their own. These ghats in Varanasi are of prime importance to the locals and the visitors as well. Decked up in saffron clothes, the Hindu priests offer prayers to Lord Shiva with dedication and, the Assi ghat is famous for its synchronized Ganga aarti. There is a flower market surrounding the ghats that can make you colourful with their gorgeous bright attire.

Benefits of Availing Tour Companies

Hassle-free Travel– Travelling is about many things apart from traveling alone. If you are on your spiritual voyage to this city, you need to take care of your hotel stay, the budget, and the food expenses. Many people do not have an idea about the popular areas in Varanasi to visit. It is when the tour operators in Varanasi come into play. They will arrange everything on your behalf.

Cost-Effective- As the tour operators provide you with package options, it becomes a cost-effective option for you to travel. It will cost you more if you pay separately for all your travel expenses. Moreover, as a tour operator, they get you with discounts.

The tour companies help cater to specific purposes. They have trained experts having a clear idea about all the places in the city. It will help you to visit all the places as per your requirement in a much compact manner.