What Are The Key Baby Stroller Features

Even among the same type of stroller, features can vary a lot. Here, too, it helps to keep in mind how you plan on using the stroller the majority of the time. Evaluate these popular features to see which ones are most important to you:

Accommodates newborns

Not all baby strollers are suitable for newborn babies. That’s because newborns don’t have head and neck strength until around six months old, so unless there are certain features in place, they’ll slump over without the proper support. If you’re planning on using your stroller from day one, here’s what to look for:

  • A seat that can fully recline to a flat surface
  • A seat that reclines almost fully but comes with an approved newborn support accessory (like this Infant Snugseat from UPPAbaby, for example)
  • Ability for an infant car seat to clip into the stroller (a travel system)

One-handed fold

Being able to quickly open and close a stroller with one hand is a feature worth its weight in parenting gold, especially when you’re balancing a baby in your other arm. Even better? If the stroller is also self-standing, meaning when it’s folded it stands upright all by itself without tipping over.

Washable fabric

If you know babies, you know they’re messy. Your stroller seat will take a beating from spit-up, drool, drippy bottles and snack accidents, so it’s great if you can remove the seat cover and throw it in the washer.

Adjustable handlebar

An adjustable handlebar, often also called a telescoping handlebar, makes the stroller comfortable for everyone to push no matter their height. This is a great option if you and other caregivers are on entirely different latitudes.

Sun canopy

A bigger canopy provides more shade and privacy for your little one. Many canopies, especially larger ones, have peekaboo windows for you to check on your child without breaking stride. Some also come with a magnet closure so it’s nice and quiet.

Stroller basket

A typical stroller basket, located under the seat, is certified to hold 10 pounds. (For context, one gallon of milk is about 8.6 pounds). If you plan on doing a lot of shopping with your stroller (if you’re a city dweller, for example, and will use your stroller for grocery shopping), look for a stroller with an XL basket. Accessibility is important, too; you’ll want a basket that has a wide opening to access your items otherwise you’re going to be frustrated trying to wiggle things in and out.